Image courtesy of Flirtmoji

You Probably Need These Penis Emojis In Your Life

flirtmoji drops the ball

The same site that blessed us with a handful of beautiful vagina emojis has now decided to add penises to the roster. Because it wouldn't be fair to include one reproductive organ and not the other, right? Flirtmoji is all about diversity, so once again, these dicks come in all the colors of the rainbow. They're veiny, hairy, and some even have foreskin. Oh yeah, and there are loads of balls. "Penises exist at every angle, whether you're looking down at your own or up at somebody else's," Flirtmoji artist Jeremy Yingling told Mashable. The penises are featured in Flirtmoji's BODIES pack which is expected for release in November.

Frankly, these are the only dick pics we want to receive on our phones. We know that the penis emoji is supposed to enhance the sexting experience, but we have a feeling that we'll be dropping these bad boys into our messages to tell guys exactly what type of dicks they are. 

Fuccbois, you've been warned.