Pennybirdrabbit LookFor Love Video

c’mon, get happy with “look for love”!

by liza darwin

All the hoopla from Valentine's Day may have finally passed by now, but that lovey dove feeling that comes with it? It still lives on in Pennybirdrabbit's new single "Look For Love." Except don't worry, because this time, there's 0% cheesiness, chocolate, or Hallmark cards involved.

Now that we've had a full weekend to memorize the lyrics of the whimsical track itself, the LA singer and songwriter is back with the video. The clip is pretty much the visual equivalent of a pink glass of champagne--it's bubbly and sweet and irresistible and, yes, totally addictive. Unfortunately the fact that it's black and white means we can't obsess over her awesome rainbow hair, but with a video this good, we don't even mind.

Watch the exclusive premiere below, then hear more from her For Love EP via OWLSA/ Big Beat here.