New Music from Pennybirdrabbit and Mac Miller

the newest tunes to turn it up with this weekend.

by nylon

Pennybirdrabbit - "Look for Love"

If you're looking for love on this sappiest of holidays, you're probably in the wrong place, but seekers of effortlessly charming dream-pop duets will be delighted by this track from the early Skrillex collaborator--all warm, lush, giggly effervescence and zero drops. MELISSA GIANNINI

The Wytches - "Wire Frame Mattress"

If, on the other hand, scratchy bedding, slurred vocals, and fuzzy, doomy surf-garage rock spell romance to you, you'll want to add this number to the evening's playlist. Have fun stomping in the black slush tonight, you crazy kids! MG

Slasher Flicks - "Little Fang"

Have you ever sat staring at a lava lamp for a touch too long? If so, you'll know what you're in for with this new track courtesy of a freak-folk super group of sorts, featuring members of Animal Collective and ex-members of Dirty Projectors and Ponytail. A dizzyingly upbeat melody is the only thing holding up a string of completely wacky, somewhat nonsensical lyrics. You’ll want to hang on with both hands, er, ears. ALEXA PEARCE 

Larry Fisherman (a.k.a. Mac Miller) - "Diablo"

For those still hosting that most unwelcome of guests, Mr. Polar Vortex, the line "colder than gazpacho" off Larry Fisherman's new track "Diablo" hits just a little too close to home. Fisherman -- Mac Miller's self-producing alter ego -- lays down hard rhymes that feel real yet breezy, a nice return to form on the heels of a surprising "Lua" cover, in which the rapper gave singing a try. AP

The Knocks (feat. Wes Miles of Ra Ra Riot) - "Savior"

Ben Ruttner and James Patterson form a mighty electro-pop duo, producing unforgettable remixes for artists like Haim, Passion Pit, and Santigold, while scoring their own HypeMachine and SoundCloud hits. On their latest track, they clap their way into synth-infused nu-disco, which might sound heavy if it weren't for the crisp, airy vocals of Ra Ra Riot's Wes Miles. We'll let you know when we're able to stop dancing. AP