artist in residence: peter sutherland

    from stussy to skateboarders, this photographer snaps the perfect moment.

    by · October 17, 2013

    photo courtesy of peter sutherland

    Peter Sutherland might be semi-joking when he describes his work as a “wannabe William Eggleston with a southern twist,” but if you ask us, this New York-based photographer isn’t that far off. Just like Eggleston, Sutherland’s been making waves in the art world thanks to his talent for capturing everyday moments with a raw, compelling edge. Whether he’s snapping nature scenes or crowded city sidewalks or just a girl hanging out in her apartment, his images have that hard-to-define quality that makes it tough to look away. They’re totally enigmatic and cool, which is exactly what causes clients like Stussy and Palladium so intrigued. Not to mention, makes everyone else want to know his secrets.
    Sutherland gave us a couple clues inside his brain with our email pop quiz here. Check it out, and see some of our favorite photos below!
    Things that have inspired me this week are....
    1. Driving through Quartzite, AZ.
    My muses are...
    1.My wife Maia 2. Open space / nature3. The movie Gimme Shelter 4. NYLON mag
    My studio soundtrack includes...
    1. ’90s grunge2. Dubstep3. Other crappy trendy stuff.
    The weirdest thing that’s ever happened to me on the job was....
    The most memorable / special was shooting a documentary about organic cotton farmers in
    Uganda for EDUN the fashion brand. The people there are the coolest; I cried when we left.
    The brand was bought right after the shoot and they never showed the film. See more of Sutherland’s work here.
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