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    “if l.a. was a work of art, it’d be a roy lichtenstein.”

    by · January 27, 2015

    photo via petra collins

    For most young upstarts out there, the question of moving to L.A. or New York is a tough one. In Petra Collins’ debut film, Drive Time, the director takes audiences for a ride through the West coast’s art scene to help you figure it out. The result? A California dream—just what we would expect from the young, cool-girl indie photographer.

    Swedish retailer COS commissioned the new director (alongside Aaron Rose’s take on New York) to shed light on the art world of the City of Angels. “I think L.A.’s artists tend to be influenced by the colors of California, and New York’s artists have a gray grittiness to their work,” Rose told It’s true: In the behind-the-scenes look below, Collins documents a series of West Coast creatives using an all-girl cast that consists of Clementine Creevy, Arrow de Wilde, Asma Maroof, and more with rawness and intimacy (and a few palm trees).

    A favorite takeaway from the trailer: “I love Los Angeles because of its weirndess and its beauty, the flowers mixed with the city, all the weird people on Hollywood Boulevard,” says Rookie mag contributor, Arrow de Wilde.

    Check it out below and see why it’s an awesome time to be a female artist in one of the world’s most eclectic cities.

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