Meet The Anonymous Street Artist Behind Your Favorite NYC Character

PhoebeNewYork’s creator talks confidence, stickers, and the power of positivity

by Hafeezah Nazim

You've seen her hilariously dark musings about life and love all over the streets of New York, but have you ever heard PhoebeNewYork speak? Probably not, considering that she is, well, an inanimate object. Lucky for us, we recently had the opportunity to chat with the anonymous creator behind our favorite NYC-based street art character. 

"Phoebe is an ever-changing character, she has many different personalities, like us all," says the creator of her alter ego. "And I've had many people say that Phoebe is everyone."

The artist also adds that Phoebe's inspiring messages are not just a message to us all, but, ultimately, to herself. "I'm not someone who's really felt very noticed before, and my messages are all very inspiring, and they're very real for me, and they keep me going. Like the 'be confident,' 'risk it'―that's not something that I really am by nature, but I like to put the message in, to remind me to try to do that." 

Meet the artist (kind of) in the video, below. 


Produced and directed by Tina Vaden

Shot by Daniel Husky and Tina Vaden 

Edited by Aurora Alänge 

Assistant Edited by Maddie Talias