good idea or bad idea: the selfie remote

your instagram feed better watch out….

by liza darwin

Better file this one under #Millennialsproblems: your arm always gets in the way of taking phone selfies. Yes, it might be trivial and/or embarrassing to admit, but hey--we've all been there. So it was only a matter of time, really, before someone solved it.

Enter the Phone Remote, a tiny button that triggers your phone camera from up to three meters away. Sort of like an itsy-bitsy tripod, the clicker also comes with a phone prop so you can get the perfect selfie shot. What do you think? 

On the one hand, the idea is sort of amazing--not to mention, it'll make those selfie group pictures that much easier (and without the awkward outreached arm). But on the other hand, you'd have to be really, really into selfies in order to spend $24 to make yours look more nonchalant. 

Check out the Phone Remote here. But first, tell us if you'd ever use it...or if your selfies are fine the way they are, thankyouverymuch.