because every apartment must have a beanbag.

by ali hoffman

Moving out of your parents' house is a different experience for everyone. While some rejoice in their newfound freedom, swapping meals for ridiculous amounts of candy, others long for home-cooked meals and family dinners. 

But there's one feeling  we all share: The thrill of decorating a first apartment.

Enter Woouf, the Barcelona-based company whose line of wildly awesome beanbags and pillows promise to liven up even the most dreary spaces.  Since launching in 2008, the label's collaborated with handful of local artists, aiming to create unique high-quality cushions.  Including a vintage-style amplifier made of foam and an ultra-resistant cushion resembling an enlarged McDonald's french fry pouch, Woouf offers an extensive (and random) range of design motifs in all different sizes.

Looks like you can have your own apartment and a really cool beanbag too.

Order your own here.