editor’s pick: dot vom

the coolest new accessory for the coolest weather ever

If you're experiencing the polar vortex like we are here in NYC, you're probably doubling, or even tripling up on your normal sock-wearing routine. But even though the sunny days of wearing ankle bracelets seems insanely far away (yes, they are still cool--at least, a girl on the subway totally pulled one off last summer and I'm still jealous), you don't have to sacrifice looking stylish by having not-so-cute wool sticking out of your boots. Instead, you should probs go for something totally fun, like these Petals and Peacocks Barf Socks.

And now I've got to let you in on a little secret here, because while I could have chosen plaid or smiley faces to adorn my ankles in the frigid cold, I chose Barf Socks. Why? Because I've started a new saying that's only caught on for...well, me. But if you want in on my little word fest, here's how it works:

You say something you hate. You add "dot vom" on to the end of the sentence.

For example: "It's freezing-dot-vom!" -- AKA I hate it so much it makes me sick.

Yes, now is the time where you either tell me to stop trying to make fetch happen, or join in on my dislike for cold weather, spicy tuna rolls, and fruit-flavored gum-dot-vom

Fruit flavored gum?! Dot-vom!