Everything You Need To Know About The Pisces Dark Moon Solar Eclipse

Thank the cosmos for this tabula rasa

by christie craft

The calendar is floating through the deep realms of Piscean February and already the year 2017 is manifesting some of the most brilliant astrological gifts us mere Earth dwellers could hope for. Yet we are just scratching the iceberg’s surface. The second eclipse—this time, solar, balancing the lunar eclipse two weeks ago—in a series of four throughout the year will occur on February 26 in Pisces. A dark (new) moon pairs perfectly with its celestial partner, the triumphant sun, both meeting in the dreamy, subconscious world of Pisces the entwined fish.

Unlike most eclipses, which tend to be stressful and somewhat traumatic, the Pisces solar eclipse is decidedly less fearful and far more benevolent than most we’ve experienced in the past years. The world becomes an unending pool of euphoria and inspiration, yet there is a palatable fierceness to the eclipse’s accompanying aspects. Restless and creative, this lunar-solar energy split is not for the lazy or idle; the cosmos are giving you tabula rasa—a completely clean slate, a blank sheet of paper—to make the most of the eclipse’s powerful psychic waves. Neptune-ruled Pisces begs the question: Will you remain an eternal victim or will you submit to the power of imagination and bend to a spiritual awakening? 

Simply, success during this lunation depends on bowing down to something greater than yourself. This eclipse demands generosity and promises that whatever we give away now, in terms of charitable energy, time, money, or other resources, for a noble mission will absolutely be returned to us tenfold. Faith is tricky for some signs affected now, so consider this period a prime phase for taking spiritual leaps into the great unknown—especially if that’s out of character or unusual for you, personally. Signs like Aries, Sagittarius, and Gemini will have the most difficult time with this particular feature, but trust: Just jump once and it’ll get easier, even addictive, when you experience the (vast) return of investment. Water signs Scorpio, Cancer, and of course, Pisces, will also be heavily influenced by this lunation, along with wildcard Aquarius, likely in much easier, natural patterns of abundance. Likewise, earth signs Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus will feel the eclipse’s powerful pull, but be called to navigate a hallucinatory dream state with pure logic—not as easy as you’d think, but it will be worth it for these business-minded signs. 

Each and every one of us will be taken into strange and unusual dimensions of a higher plane during the Pisces solar eclipse, yet the Pisces dark moon will also nurture us enough to keep our feet tethered to the earth lovingly. Thinking outside of ourselves is the main theme, which can be achieved not only through philanthropy and charity but with creative pursuits, too. Art, music, and overall creativity extracts us from narcissism, selfishness, brooding, and self-abuse (especially for you Pisces and Scorpio), hardens willpower and determination, and ultimately drives us to make healthy sacrifices and rein in our wild cravings. Remember: Not all that we desire is nurturing or positive for us and may result in deep soul wounds. Aries, Pisces, Scorpio: I’m looking directly at you.  

Massive imaginative forces are being churned and stirred by this lunation. We can safely explore the outer realms of our surreal fantasies and emerge from alternate realities with a tinge prophecy in all that we experience. Signs firmly plugged into this particular energy will have an uncanny—perhaps startling—predisposition to blending our personal past with elements of an unknown future. Channeling the magic and nostalgia of childhood will come seamlessly, even involuntarily, particularly when it comes to being enchanted and bewitched by the wonders of the natural world. Visual artists and designers will be able to extract new images, lines, and forms from landscapes, plants, and animals, while musicians will effortlessly pull sound and melody from nature, as well. 

Musicians and the musically talented will especially receive forceful energy beamed to their creative output, thanks to Neptune, the surrealist, music-loving planet of imagination. Revolution and hopeful optimism colors all new music being produced now, and influencers and tastemakers in the music industry may well reject nihilistic, frivolous work. Many an eye will be rolled at shocking, brutish, or degenerative themes in art and music—it’s simply been done to death. Similarly, those involved in the creative process who choose to sit on the fence will be pushed off to one side or the other: which side of art do you want to live on, where do you want your work to fall in the spectrum? These questions will be begged by the solar eclipse and dark moon, musicians. 

Ancestral karma—specifically relating to artistic gifts and creative talents—is highlighted during this lunation. Some may revel in the realization that they’ve inherited some creative sensibilities from their family line they weren’t aware of. Alternatively, creative power will bloom forcefully when connected to the family and ancestors, whether that be simply spending time with an older relative and soaking in their wisdom, or researching the people in our bloodlines that came before us. Grandparents could teach us new skills, like painting techniques or how to play an instrument, or we might just be given the gift of good advice in relation to our creative choices. Whichever path you choose, inspiration lays in wait on the journey. Investing time and money into ancestral art is rewarded now, too, so if you’ve got some family heirlooms or antiques to restore, get busy this weekend.  

Collective humanity is sure to be intensely nostalgic in the next two weeks, especially when it comes to our families and dreaming about our own future generations. Laying the groundwork for children’s inheritances and those who come after us, materially and artistically, will be important motivating factors. Even those of us who’ve sworn off parenthood could find themselves mired in daydreaming about kids and having a family of one’s own. Baby fever is strong even among the most unlikely victims, to say the least.  

Strong and influential friends are bound to emerge from the woodwork during the next two weeks, as well. Signs affected most powerfully will find benefactors in unusual places, likely associated with big business. These new supporters are poised to offer mentorship, valuable gifts, or financial sponsorship, with a palatable obsession with powerful women, in particular. It’s possible that artists will find a lucrative partner willing to invest in them so that they can spend their time fully committed to their art. Attracting this level of support will flow like magic for people well connected to what’s trending globally. The more boldly creative you are, the more help and adoration you’re likely to receive. Those who’ve been through hard times of serious challenges are also more poised to gain lucrative support. The flip side of this element is a rough crucible for folks born to a cushy life or with a silver spoon in the mouth. People who haven’t been through a gauntlet of pain might find these next two weeks to be akin to an ice-cold shower of reality. You will have to work hard to earn your place.

Meanwhile, Pisces’ ruling planet, Neptune the sea god, will be conjunct with the dark moon, pulling us into the dark, eerie netherworld of our subconscious—whether we like it or not! Water signs especially will feel a heavy euphoria, like an intoxicating frenzy of fantasy turned reality. However, there will be some serious issues with boundaries at this time, so remain aware of your surroundings—the most psychic signs (Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer) will have issues repelling the energy, soaking everything in like little sponges. Perceptions of reality will no doubt be challenged, which can absolutely be fun; if you practice glamour magic, work in advertising, sales, or are a visual or performance artist, this lunation is an incredibly powerful time to make things happen. The dark side? Be careful of liars, scammers, and convincing swindlers. Question absolutely everything. The Pisces sun conjunct Neptune can be a bit rough on water signs, too, pointing to a tendency to dissolve the ego and slink into depression and addiction over the next six months. Escapism is seductive, only because these signs are so emphatic and absorbent of dark energy around them, manifesting in sensitivity and fragile health—mentally and physically. Meditate, take care of your chakras, rely on your sharp intuition, and wear your psychic armor always. Don’t go down dark alleys. 

Aggressive war god Mars is on the scene, too, if you can believe it, popping shots off in the background and making quite a bit of noise with Jupiter and Uranus (hence, Aries, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Sagittarius being so heavily affected by this two-week period). Mars, who’s at home in Aries, really gets the party started when it comes to big actions, so consider this the encore to the Leo lunar eclipse two weeks ago. Fiery campaigns for liberation and freedom in many forms—most notably, the realm of activism—will be lit with a new flame. 

Sexual liberation is a major theme highlighted by these elements. This doesn’t necessarily mean wild orgies and uncharacteristic sexual permissiveness, but rather a "live and let live” mentality of having a good time. If you want sex, you got it! Don’t be surprised if some fun innovations come into your sex life, though, especially involving technology (think: sexting, Skype or FaceTime sex, meeting new partners through sex and dating apps, and so much super saucy social media flirting). Fun! This energy is pure sexual rebellion, absolutely electrified with excitement and hot bloodedness. And if others want to do as they will sexually, they’ll receive a legion of freedom-fighting armies to back them. This comes at an important political time in the U.S. when protections for transgendered youth are being shamefully destroyed and LGBTQIA folks are being placed up against a societal wall. The cosmos are like, “Um, fuck no—not now, not ever.” Get ‘em.