The Pixies Blue-Eyed Hexe

2014 sounds good to us—especially with these 5 new tracks.

by nylon

Flaming Lips - "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds"

Everyone may think of the Flaming Lips as these acid-dropping midwestern hippies, but I'll tell you what: While I spent the holiday break catching up on

Orange is the New Black

for the


time, they were busy recording a cover of the classic Beatles tune while rehearsing for a New Year's Eve gig. Which is impressive enough, but even John Lennon acolytes will find something to love in this new take; though the track starts off in the same place, Wayne Coyne and Co. turn it into an even more psychedelic trip. Just pay close attention starting at about the one-minute mark if you don't believe me. REBECCA WILLA DAVIS

Marika Hackman ft. Sivu - "Skin"

For me, this is the musical equivalent of a snow day. Packed with gorgeous harmonies and a stripped-down, folksy melody (Hackman's signature), this lush track is the next best thing to spending the day under the covers. LIZA DARWIN

The Pixies - "Blue-Eyed Hexe"

They might have changed bassists more than you changed clothes in 2013, but the Pixies can still bring it like no other band. Their latest, "Blue-Eyed Hexe," is the screaming punk anthem hardcore fans will be used to, so get your combat boots on and get ready to mosh. STEFF YOTKA

Sam Smith - "Money On My Mind"

The 21-year-old British singer and songwriter first made waves late last year with his heady, emotional single "Lay Me Down." Now that he's officially succeeded in making us all feel so.many.feelings, it's time to crank things up a notch with "Money On My Mind," the newest track off his debut album. More upbeat but no less awesome, it's the perfect winter weekend anthem. LD

Teeth - "Eat Spit"

Summer anthems always sound like they've melted in the sun--from "Roar" to "Get Lucky," the common denominator is a catchy tune that's got some soft, gooey center to it. But come January all I want to listen to are icy cold synth-driven tunes that will get me out of the house and to a party despite the fact that the thermometer is hovering around 20 degrees fahrenheit. This new track from this London trio does just that--better put on your warmest dancing shoes before you press play. RWD