+pool by playlab

This could change everything…

by Christian Lavery

There truly isn’t all that much that compares to sitting alongside the East River and gazing out at the view during a breezy summer night. And if you live in NYC, you’re well aware of this. But swimming in it? Umm, that might just be an action reserved only for those daring people that we place into a category known as crazy. That’s because as it stands now, NYC rivers are some of the dirtiest out there. But a project from the folks at Family and PlayLab called +Pool could change all of that. Started with the simple idea of cleaning up small portions of the river and changing the way New Yorker’s look at it, +Pool would filter the very river that it floats in through the walls of the pool, making it possible to swim in actual clean river water. Imagine that! (I know; it’s kind of tough.) Now, in order to actually make this happen, +Pool is breaking down the pool into little tiles that are available for purchase by anyone that wants to see this project succeed as much as the creators of it. The tiles will be engraved with your name and make up the actual construction of the future pool. So check out the rest of the details about +Pool HERE, and hopefully, soon enough, swimming in the East River will be as enjoyable as relaxing by it.