Do These New Highlighters Look Like Poop, Or What?

A, uh, solid question

Well, shit. Literally! The beauty industry has truly gone to a place I for sure never saw coming. Then again, with the rise of outrageous trends in the last year, especially when it comes to highlighters, I shouldn't be terribly surprised there's a product out there that resembles a thing we all do but don't talk about.

I'm talking poop, y'all. Deuces. Numero dos. 

Indie brand Clean Slate Cosmetics' Whipped Highlighter is a product that, upon first glance, looks just like the friendly poo emoji. That is, of course, due to it being whipped. It's a cruelty-, carmine-, and paraben-free vegan highlighter that comes in seven hues and "literally dissolves into your skin leaving behind a soft matte glowing effect." Beauty vlogger Tati Westbrook recently reviewed the highlighter after discovering it on Instagram and found that it does not, in fact, come looking like a cartoon kid you'd drop off at the proverbial pool. Though there are only seven grams of product inside the pot, Westbrook quickly learned that a lot goes a long way. (CSC's website does throw a disclaimer on each product's e-comm page, but, hey, you never know until you try.) 

As it turns out, the whipped highlighter is a win! A little dab on the cheeks (not those cheeks, but feel free to dab wherever, I guess) or on the eyes and you're good to glow for the whole day. No irregularities here! 

Clean Slate Cosmetics' Whipped Highlighter can be purchased here for the not-so-terrible price of $16.50.