Photo via Taylor Swift's Instagram

which instagram filters do pop stars use the most?

it might surprise you

by nylon

Though it’s safe to assume that celebrities have millions more Instagram followers than the rest of us simply by virtue of being famous, a good filter selection doesn’t hurt. It’s what separates their IRL faces from the glowing goddesses that appear on our feeds. Luckily, the fine folks at Noisey have compiled some info on the Instagram-filtering habits of some of the most seasoned and popular posters: pop stars. 

When one looks at the filters used on the last 250 posts from the top 15 musicians on Instagram (in terms of followers, not quality of music), something incredible comes to light: The most commonly used filter is no filter at all. 

For every pop star considered, “normal” took top rank (Ariana Grande, who’s second only to Beyoncé in terms of followers, rarely uses filters at all). The most popular filter is Mayfair, and though selfie queens Miranda Kerr and Paris Hilton prefer Valencia, it comes in at number four amongst the pop star set. 

In the illustrious top five, Taylor Swift is most prone to filtering, typically going for Mayfair. Kelvin, 1977, Gingham, and Brooklyn are the least used filters. 

But before you go Mayfair-ing all your posts (or, gasp, not filtering at all) beware: Many a professional poster use far more nuanced filtering programs before even opening the app (and, in some cases, professional lighting and photographers). And others just look like Beyoncé.    

(Source: The Daily Dot)