Photographed by Devin Brewster


This Is The Dreamiest Song You’ll Hear All Day

Popeska and ACES make an offer your ears can’t refuse

Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level? 




collaborated on a new song that lays it all out for you so you don't have to utter a single word. Premiering right here, "Take You Up On That" is an irresistible pop gem layered with hushed, luxurious vocals, shimmering synths, and beaming beats that will instantly elevate the mood of whatever atmosphere you're in. Of the song, Popeska told us:

I was exploring a lot of different sounds and ideas at the time I made this track. I went through like 483,952 different versions with all sorts of concepts and mashed them all together to make this one. It's weird because it was so Frankensteined, but everything just kind of worked together. What I love about music is that distance doesn't mean a thing to it. I sent this track to ACES while she was in Colombia and got back this beautiful top line from her from across the equator.

ACES, aka Alex Stewart, is a New York-based artist from Canada who crafts pretty pop music that can slow-motion to romance. Popeska, a moniker for Ralf Popescu, is an Austrian producer from Atlanta working toward a degree in computer science. See the two come together in perfect musical unity by streaming the entire track, below.