You’re Invited To A Very Cool ’90s Popsicle Party

    Put on your tankini and cool down with these treats

    by · July 20, 2016

    “Say you will be there.” —Spice Girls

    Though us ’90s kids are now old enough to be what we wanted to be when we grew up, there’s nothing wrong with slurping down SunnyD instead of morning coffee or listening to a whole Spice Girls album instead of a podcast. Even if you did turn out to be an astronaut after all.

    Food is the ultimate #TBT. Flavors trigger memories that muster feelings of everything from a special family vacation to a life-changing summer job and even a first kiss. These popsicles will take you back to when lunches came in boxes, candy stores were considered the local hot spot, and Capri Sun flowed like the Mississippi.

    It doesn’t take anything too fancy, like an ice cream maker, to get a taste of your past. All you’ll need is a Popsicle mold, some sticks, and ingredients typically kept in stock at home. And the recipes are as easy as a Saturday morning spent watching cartoons. Grab your jelly sandals, your best scrunchie, and spandex shorts and hang that poster of JTT back on those walls. You’re invited to a ’90s popsicle party. Time warp with our recipes ahead.

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