Post Precious’ Debut Music Video Is An Escapist’s Fantasy

Tick, tick, tick, boom

Nothing in the world can touch Southern California's Joshua Tree. It's got desert terrain akin to some distant planet in a galaxy far, far away. It's the perfect escape. The great contrasts of life and death, light and darkness, togetherness and brokenness run free under its big sky, making it an idyllic (and oft-used) location for some of your favorite music videos.

In Post Precious' case, Joshua Tree is a place of separation, rebirth, and reacquainting. They bring their debut single, "Timebomb," to life in the desert through Sammi Farber's choreography, under the vision of director Julian Buchan, art director Liam Moore, and DP Patrick Jones. "'Timebomb' is essentially about breaking away from an irreparably fucked-up relationship," the duo, made up of Alex Winston and MS MR’s Max Hershenow, tells us. Such an idea informed Farber's push-and-pull choreography. Winston and Hershenow fold and unfold into one another, contrasting the "severe beauty of the desert" in all its relative stillness. They personify the thrill of the great escape, the fear of it all and the ultimate comfort in its subsequent resolve.

Watch "Timebomb," exclusively premiering here, below.