powerdock 5 by griffin

Charging everything at the same d-mn time…

by Josh Madden

When Christian "The Intern" showed up the other day with 12% of battery charge left on his iPhone and asked "Hey man, can I borrow your charger?" the first thing we thought was, how is your phone dead at 9:30am? (Really Christian, how is your phone dead this early man?). And our reply was, "If you can't keep track of your charger, how can we be sure you won't lose ours, man?" How many times have you lent out your phone charger and never seen it again? For real, replacing one at the Apple store is $60...so we set out to find the answer to this problem.

What we found was better than what we could have ever dreamed up. The Powerdock5 by Griffin will not only keep anyone from walking off with your charger but it allows you to be the super rad buddy that always says "Yes, you can charge your phone right here" and then you can charge up to five different iOS devices at once. Go ahead and order one of these bad boys right over HERE and when it shows up at your office you can justifiably play the video below on repeat!