premiere: Hypnotized “Ghost Walk”

Trippy Thursday!!

by Josh Madden

Esben & The Witch’s Daniel Copeman has signed experimental three-piece Hypnotized to his label Love Thy Neighbour. The trio, named after a Spacemen 3 song, will release a 5-track EP called Telesto on March 24th.

The Brighton-based group formed after old friends Robbie Wood & Robin White met Paul Whelan in October of 2011. The trio bonded over their shared interest in psychedelic sounds, which eventually lead to the evolution of Hypnotized. Using what equipment they had around them, they began making improvised drone jams, soundscapes and intense drum loops.

The guys spent most of 2012 recording in the studio and buying an eclectic range of equipment such as handmade Japanese oscillators, 80’s Keyboards & Percussion. The lead track from Telesto is a reverb drenched, echo bounce, outer space vibe, tune titled "Ghost Walk" and the corresponding video is a moving collage Sergeant Pepper himself would be proud of.

Check out the trippy visual below and then head over to Hypnotized Bandcamp HERE to venture deeper into their sound. Follow the band on Twitter HERE for updates of all sorts!