premiere: blacklist royals “righteous child” video

“When you live on the road, it forces you to grow up.”

by Christian Lavery

Rock 'n' Roll is alive and well thanks to the Nashville-based Blacklist Royals. And after having been on tour for the last three years, the twins have really had some noticeable growth in their music. Now, with a new record out titled Die Young With Me, we’re getting an inside glimpse as to what they truly experienced while on the road.

Rob Rufus comments:"We toured so much on that first record and when you live on the road it pushes you to grow up."

Their new single “Righteous Child” has a tangible quality that you can’t help but relate to while offering an anthemic rock ‘n’ roll vibe that stirs up some young summer love nostalgia. As for the video itself? It’s full of color and flows back and forth between live shots and a storyline that keeps your attention till the end.

Watch the video below, and pick up their new record HERE. Follow the Blacklist Royals on Facebook HERE and on Twitter HERE.

-words by Will Johnston