premiere: bloom “still”

What’s new…and AWESOME!!

by Josh Madden

This morning we were introduced to Bloom, and we're stoked to help spread the word on what is possibly our favorite new indie rock force. This Nashville-based band reached out to us with an opportunity to premiere their new track "Still," and once you give it a listen, you'll understand why we're so into them. With a synth-based indie-rock sound, Bloom delivers an absolute head bobber with this one.

Singer Luke Granered is no stranger to the music industry--after years playing in bands, it seems like he has carved out the ideal sound and is now completely dialed in. The band's EP Didn't See You There is out now, and we can't wait to get our hands on the full length, Thousand Yard Starewhen it drops April 29th.

Granered wrote to give us a little insight on the inspiration for this particular jam and this is what he had to say:"Still is about running away from problems. I wrote it while my dog was explaining why she was upset that I'm not home enough. She said she doesn't get to go on nearly enough walks."

Check the band's Facebook page HERE for tour info and pre-order Thousand Yard Stare HERE!