premiere: broken hands “curves”

An NSFW video is the last thing we expected for this track…

by Josh Madden

Back in April, we premiered the track "Curves" by UK band Broken Hands. We fell for the song so much that it's been on added to all of our devices since then (you know when you really love a song when it's on your iPod, phone, laptop, and iMac...). This track was made for moshing, crowd surfing and definitely carries with it a "get rowdy" vibe. All of that said, we could have never expected the video the guys made to accompany the track and when we received it this morning, we fell out of our chairs laughing. After all there simply isn't anything more punk rock than nudity.

Seriously, we've been listening to this track for months and this video is the very last thing we would have ever expected, and that is AWESOME! It is our firm opinion that these dudes are carrying the Nirvana, Melvins, Dinosaur Jr. torch sonically with a track like "Curves," and when you consider that, this video makes total sense. We stray from genre-speak when talking about these dudes because honestly, it seems like they're just doing everything own their own terms and that is AWESOME! The concept for this video is wild and we're just going to leave it at that.

We're stoked for Broken Hands and can't wait to see them live. If you live in the UK, you're in luck because they're about to hit the road. We don't know if the dudes get 'buck' when they play live, but we do know they are bringing a true rock attitude back to life. For more of their music check their soundcloud HERE and follow them on twitter HERE.

19th Sept - Nottingham - Bodega21st Sept - Birmingham - Sunflower Lounge22nd Sept - Liverpool - Korova23rd Sept - Manchester - Soup Kitchen24th Sept - Glasgow - Art School26th Sept - London - Hoxton Bar & Kitchen27th Sept - Brighton - The Hope