premiere: bryce vine “guilty pleasure”

In a lane all his own and going fast…

by Josh Madden

premiere: bryce vine "guilty pleasure"

I actually became a Bryce Vine fan in a kinda backwards style when I saw a rough cut for an unreleased video. When I found out that we at NYLON Guys couldn't share that video with the world just yet, I went back and watched all of Vine's videos on Youtube and checked out all of his music. This dude is an incredibly talented hip-pop phenomenon--yeah I said it, hip-pop--somehow he successfully marries aspects of all different genres and the result is a genre all his own.After doing a little research I found out that Vine has an EP, titled 

Lazy Fair

, coming soon which he'll release independently only to follow up with a full-length record (more news to come). Hear the new single "Guilty Pleasure" above first and check out the videos for "Where The Wild Things Are" and "Take Me Home" below. Wild out on even more of Vine's tunes on his Soundcloud 


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