premiere: carousel “not enough”

A summer soundtrack smash…

by Josh Madden

Something about steel drum sounds makes everything feel like summer. Maybe it's the fact that we grew up hearing The Beach Boys "Kokomo" every time the next-door neighbor rolled up with his hottie girlfriend in that Jeep. Maybe the fact that dudes from Carousel made "Not Enough" in sunny Palm Springs has something to do with its luxury cruise vibe. The duo met and started writing and recording while attending Berklee College of Music in Boston and upon graduating re-located to Los Angeles where they've been making some serious headway. Their Soundcloud consists of some original jams and covers that boast spins, which guarantee they won't be unsigned for long.

When the private link to "Not Enough" showed up in our e-mail inbox it took exactly 47 seconds to identify it as a bonafide smash. There are two kinds of new wave pop: the kind that sound like a bad commercial and the kind that sound like they belong on the Less Than Zero soundtrack, and this is the latter. The dudes told us, "'Not Enough' was the last song we made in Palms Springs. It's based on our weekend trips to LA--we would spend the weekdays producing for hours, and the weekends partying in Silver Lake. We literally couldn't get enough of it, so we moved there." and that is exactly how this track sounds. We only wish we could do that drive in an '80s Testarossa with Heather Graham in the passenger seat. Carousel's EP Palms drops next month so until then we'll be cruising to this jam. Check out more of the fellas music HERE and follow them on Twitter HERE for live show info and more.