premiere: charlie and the foxtrots “the big bad wolf”

For those who have, at times, been monsters…

by Josh Madden

You know...the whole seven member band, with the fiddle and the banjo, and the washboard vibes is a thing--but it's a thing that when done right is a real good thing. Trust us, we're seeing all of it, we're get videos and Soundcloud links all day of these bands and it can go real wrong real fast but with Charlie and the Foxtrots that is not the case, these dudes do it all really really good!

The Nashville-based band only formed a year ago, as singer Chas Wilson picked each dude one by one and assembled his band and then set out on a crowd funding campaign to raise money to record their first album. The fellas list bands like Fleet Foxes, Mumford and Sons, Avett Brothers, The Lumineers, and Local Natives as their influences and we can definitely hear it.

Charlie and the Foxtrots debut album Golden will be released July 8th and today we have the first look at the video for their single "The Big Bad Wolf". This video is kinda wild because there's a dude destroying stuff and a girl who is tied up and it all seems like it's gonna get gory but there's a twist. Check it all out below and check out the band on Twitter HERE and Facebook HERE. You can listen to more of their tunes and pick up Golden on July 8th right over HERE.