premiere: CRNKN MIX .3514

This mixtape is like a case of Redbull for your ears!!

by Josh Madden

Take it from us: when you're writing all day, the only thing as valuable as caffeine is a good mixtape. And when a great one comes along, you listen to it for months. When DJ/producer CRNKN hit us with an advance listen of his new mixtape .3514, we promptly put it on, slammed three coffees, and got six hours of work done.

This is the kind of mixtape they give models when they are "DJing" events. You know, when you walk up and ask the DJ "what remix of A$AP Ferg's 'Shabba Ranks' is this?" and they don't know because it's someone else's tape (it's the Sleepy Tom Bootleg.) Everyone I like is on this mixtape--and as it goes with every great mixtape, there's some cuts on here I haven't heard.

Guess what!?!? The best news of all is that you can download this .3514 in all 70 minutes of its glory right now. I swear on my AIAIAIs if you just take a lil' glance at the track listing you'll be looking poolside lawn chair/ preparing to get six hours worth of work done.

Follow CRNKN on Twitter HERE, and after you listen to this mixtape you can proceed to download all of the rest of his work on his Soundcloud page HERE.