premiere: crywolf “eyes half closed”

This is the next big producer!!

by Josh Madden

Not every artist you hear manages to stick with you. But when it comes to producer Justin Phillips AKA Crywolf, this is not the case.

We've been keeping tabs on him for over a year as he continually drops sonic gold and his new EP Angels is no exception. Due out April 29th (on Always Never), we're excited to give you a listen of whats to come with his first single "Eyes Half Closed."

As an artist Crywolf is the complete package, developing his own vocal and production formula which results in a genre all his own. With "Eyes Half Closed" he's really going for a full pop-friendly construction, including an acoustic guitar and a full range of strings without sacrificing a sound that he's becoming know for. This dude is definitely on the rise and watching his transformation from bedroom producer to big room slayer has been rad.

Download "Eyes Half Closed" for free now, preorder the Angels EP HERE, and keep up with him on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE. If you can't wait for more new music check out his Soundcloud HERE ("Oceans" is one of our favorites!)