premiere: g-eazy “let’s get lost” video

This video has us looking for the pool party…

by Josh Madden

If you search G-Eazy on you'll find everything from Five Questionssong premieresNYLON TV episodes--even a sold out show we presented last month. So it kinda goes without saying that we're down with "Young Gerald", AKA G-Eazy. With a nonstop work ethic and some of the realest rhymes of the moment, we couldn't be more stoked to share the video for his new single "Let's Get Lost" off his highly anticipated album, These Things Happen.

G has been building up steam for this new record all year and after wrapping up his 40-city sold out tour, the anticipation has reached critical mass. In case you've been under a rock (or away from the internet) the album will be released June 23rd and pre-order is officially available HERE!

If this is your first time experiencing a G-Eazy video we highly encourage you to go view the catalog after you watch this one on repeat for the next 30 minutes. Every video G makes is so clean and well done-- "Let's Get Lost" still manages to one-up all the others, and we know for a fact that this song/video is going to be HUGE! With his classic Eazy wit and flow, he once again calls on Devon Baldwin to lay down a hook that is guaranteed to be stuck in your head from now until the unforeseeable future.We agree with the New York Times when they write “G-Eazy is clever, approachable and extremely legible” and we're excited to watch our homie rise all the way to the top.

This is history in the making for sure. You can pre-order the These Things Happen HERE and be sure to follow our boy on Twitter HERE and Facebook HERE.

-words by Yung Will