premiere: hollow & akimbo “The One Who Has To Carry You Home”

The new open bar anthem dedicated to those sloppy roommates…

by Josh Madden

Here at NYLON HQ we don't like to wait. We like to see movies, fashion collections, and books all before anyone else because--well because to put it short we're impatient. Most of all we like to hear music before it's out and we just got to hear Hollow & Akimbo's record before it comes out tomorrow!

The Michigan-based band let us premiere this bouncy jam entitled "The One Who Has To Carry You Home" off of their debut release. It's actually a fun take on something we're all-to-familiar with after one to many at a Lower East Side open bar evening. This is what Jon Visger had to say about the track:

"The One Who Has to Carry You Home" is one of the most intricate songs on the album, tumbling and evolving over top of itself again and again, while the lyrics lay out an impressionistic earful of surreal guilt-tripping.

Any way you slice it, this is a pretty solid representation of record, which is 10 tracks of awesome! Check out more music from these dudes on their Soundcloud HERE, follow them on Twitter HERE and get their brand spanking new record HERE tomorrow!