premiere: imposter(s) “second” ep

Anonymous band, trance-y tunes!

by Josh Madden

Over the past few years we've witnessed a lot of new strategies artists have come up with to release new music. From pay-what-you-want to surprise releases, Imposter(s) are bringing an entire new approach to the table-- an anonymous band.

All we know about this mysterious duo is one dude is from a multi-platinum selling Canadian band and the other is a Canadian producer who have set out to release three maxi-singles made up of three songs each. With "First" already out in the world, today they're releasing "Second" and we're stoked to give you a first listen. This EP has a dub-meets-world music vibe, with very trance-y/ambient over tones-- you'll definitely be able to get lost in this record, and you'll only come back to start it over.

With parts one and two out now on Rare Beef Records, we can't wait to get our hands on "Third" coming in the near future and a final nine track album release. Be sure to keep up with these Imposter(s) on Facebook HERE and if you can figure out who they are fill us in!

-words by Yung Will