premiere: j.laser “dreamphone” single

A solo project that sounds amazing…

by Josh Madden

At the age of 19, Jordan Lawlor was recruited by M83 to be a full-time touring member of the band and has been busy out on the road since, however when he's home he's been working away on his solo project, J.Laser.

J.Laser's newest single "Dreamphone" brings a very unique mix of organic guitars and feel good catchy electronics-- the melody will be stuck in our heads until further notice. His raspy voice blends perfectly with the psychedelic synths and funky beats that lead you right into the hook. Once the word "Dreamphone" drops the party starts-- this will definitely be a song you'll want to add to any and all upcoming summer playlists.

We think Jordan is really on to something here with this project and we can't wait to see where it leads. Be sure to keep up with him on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE, we have a feeling J.Laser is a name you're going to start hearing a lot more of.

-words by Yung Will