premiere: jolie cherie “dj wake up”


by Josh Madden

We've gotta give it to the Frenchies right now because, they're putting out some of the best pop jams. When we saw the name Jolie Cherie in our inbox, there was sure to be a rad tune to follow. First let's establish the players here; Etienne de Champfleury, the male vocal who sorta reminds us of Jeppe of Junior Senior, Melina Duval, the sexy French female vocal, and producer Samir Alliche. The trio is set to release their first compilation with the Los Angeles-based Opus Label and "DJ Wake Up" is the first full English song the band has recorded. This disco dancefloor filler is one of those tracks that just feels timeless, like,"Yes it's summer but when when winter comes we get out of the snow and duck into packed clubs and dance to jams like this." We're really stoked to hear more from the band's upcoming release. Until then, we'll be hanging over HERE on their Soundcloud. You can also check out more on them HERE.