premiere: max collins “world on fire” video

Same lyrical charm, new project…

by Josh Madden

Music has always been a part of Max Collins life, with nearly 20 years under his belt as the lead singer of Eve 6, the man can't stop making music. Buzzing off the release of his debut solo record, we think the best way to be introduced to this project is through his video "World on Fire."

Over the years we've always been big fans of Max's musical endeavors, but this latest one might be our favorite. After a successful crowd-funding campaign he wrote and co-produced his entire record titled Honey From the Icebox earlier this year. Hearing him play an acoustic guitar with a quaint backing band just fits so well with his distinguished vocals-- a successful solo career seems to be in his near future.

"World on Fire" is full of his classic lyrical charm and the video is pretty wild. We caught up with him to get the inside scoop on what all went into making and creating it.

"Thad Bridwell, the director of the video, met Francis (the Native American man in the video) while shooting a short film in Joshua Tree National Park a few months back. His car broke down miles from civilization and Francis happened to be driving by. He towed and fixed Thad's car himself. Thad told me about him and I made the decision to put him in every video I make for my new record Honey From The Icebox. We shot the video near Joshua Tree. It was the week of the government shutdown so we couldn't get into the park but Francis took us to a locals only spot 30 mins off road. It was the perfect setting for the clip. We knew we wanted Francis to turn Dominique Arciero (my keyboard player) into a lampshade and we wrote the rest of the treatment around that." - Max Collins

With hype building for his solo career, we can predict Max will be living on the road. Pick up his album HERE and be sure to keep up with him on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE.

-words by Yung Will