“the song is about missing normal people.”

by liza darwin

We first tipped you off to L.A. singer and songwriter Meg Myers back in January

when she dropped her no-bullshit track "Monster." Now the Nashville native is back with another equally impressive premiere; but whereas her prior single was about the "awful, painful end of a relationship," her latest song leaves us on a lighter note.

According to Meg, "'Tennessee' is about being from someplace else and living out in L.A. for so long. There are good things about the West Coast and the people there, but there's also a fine line between being hipster and being annoying. The song is about missing normal people."

Filled with snarky digs ("That's a pretty awesome headband, brah"), the occasional twangy banjo solo, and topped off with Meg's raw, powerful vocals, "Tennessee" is proof that you don't always need major production or a backup band; sometimes all a song really needs is a sense of humor.

Download Meg's EP free here.

Tennessee (feat. Doctor Rosen Rosen) by Meg Myers