premiere: mode moderne “baby bunny”

The new single from their forthcoming record Occult Delight…

by Josh Madden

Phillip Intilé, Clint Lofkrantz, Sean Gilhooly, and Rebecca Gray, known collectively as the band Mode Moderne, sound quite literally like the offspring of all our favorite bands. Listening to songs like "Private Library" and "Foul Weather Fare" off of 2012's Strange Bruises[,] we fell in love with the Seventeen Seconds-esqe bass lines that chase New Order-like guitars and synths that remind us of our all-time favorite, Magnetic Fields. While they may consider themselves to be Real Goths, we would say they're just real good.

We admit that this amazing band is a recent sonic discovery for us, but it seems we're just on time for their new record Occult Delightwhich is set to released January 21st. And even better we have a brand new track from the upcoming release available for free download (but just for the next 24 hours). The new tune "Baby Bunny" has a bright feel, but the Mode kids haven't left behind their synths or Joy Division tempo and Cure crash cymbals.

So get this jam in your iTunes pronto and if you haven't already checked out Mode Moderne's existing catalog, you can do so on their Bandcamp HERE[. Pre-order Occult Delight HERE, Follow the band on Twitter HERE, and check their Facebook HERE for live show announcements.