premiere: one tusk x gl-ow “let your hair down”

This is why producers should collab with art galleries…

by Josh Madden

When you take a track made by some of New York's most talented producers and and put it in the hands of a Parisian art gallery, it's bound to yield some trippy results. In this case those producers are our friends One Tusk, the visionary gallery is GL-OW, and the result is a trippy-relaxed digital-museum visit.

The Brooklyn-based One Tusk has hit a sonic summer night vein with the "Let Your Hair Down" remix and honestly, this video could just loop for an hour and we'd be cool with that. The track features a classic Blondie sample over some dub-inspired sounds, but still has that modern touch as some dark low ends ensure and enforce a head nod. The GL-OW team killed it with sharp kaleidoscope imagery to complement the sound.

This is seriously one of the freshest videos we've seen in a long while, and something tells us these two will be getting their collab on again in the near future. Be sure to keep up with One Tusk on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE for future releases and show dates. Check out more music from them on Soundcloud HERE and peep their official website HERE.