premiere: poor remy “bitters”

This is some good Fall music right here…

by Josh Madden

There's something going on in Queens. From hip-hop's Action Bronson and World's Fair to the croony organic vibes of Freelance Whales and now Poor Remy, there must be something in the water up there.

The new Bitters EP from Poor Remy isn't due for release until November 12th, but we got ahold of it yesterday and we've been listening to it since. The four-track collection of jangling homegrown-sounding pop (we said pop because we think it's going to be popular) is a test in sitting still if we've ever heard one. Do you like the banjo? Listen to this and try disliking a banjo--because these dudes kill it with a banjo. The harmonies are so clean on this EP that everything else is just a decoration. The bass tones are so strong that we're not mad at the violins. Like we said, it's all just laced around really strong vocals.

Check out the EP a few days early below and find the guys on Twitter HERE. Check out more jams on their Soundcloud HERE.