premiere: Reggie and the full effect” “christmas in hollis”

A new twist on a classic that never gets old…

by Josh Madden

premiere: Reggie and the full effect" "christmas in hollis"

It's hard to believe I've known 

James Dewees


Reggie and the Full E[F]fect

for over 10 years. The daredevil-road dog-troubador has been singing with a cigarette dangling from his lip non-stop since the day I met him, and today is no exception. Especially because my inbox was blessed this morning with a new little holiday jam from my man.

While making the latest 

Reggie and the Full Effect


No Country for Old Musicians  

(which came out last month), Dewes recorded a couple of holiday ditties in preparation for the season. The holiday jams have been assembled and will be released as a mini-EP which has been dubbed the 

Reggie and the Full Effect : X-Mas Mini EP 

and it's available for pre-order 



Today we bring you the Reggie version of "Christmas in Hollis," a classic that never gets old in any form. Enjoy this raucious rendition of the holiday jam, and just in case you feel a little nostalgic for the RUN DMC version, it's at the bottom of the post. Follow Reggie and the Full Effect on Twitter 


and check Facebook upcoming tour dates 


. And take it from me, if you haven't seen Dewees live yet, it's a MUST!

And just for kicks...a karaoke style lyric video...