premiere:solomon grey “gen v”

Watch this and decompress from your long and tiring four day weekend…

by Josh Madden

Welcome back to the office, the studio, the classroom, wherever it is that you just took a long weekend from, where you were probably partying a little, definitely taking in the sensory overload of a holiday weekend. We thought to kick off your monday we'd bring you something that might mellow you out, a track with a visual that you could decompress to. This music video from duo Solomon Grey showed up in our inbox this morning and we've had it on loop ever since. Little is known about this outfit except that their debut record, due out August 4th, has been three years in the making. The mix of reverbed-out acoustic guitar and minimal programming of their first single "Gen V" is matched perfectly with the kaliedescope video accompaniment. So sit back and enjoy this little four minute break (repeat if you have to) to help you ease back into the work week. For more on Solomon Grey keep up with them HERE and HERE.