premiere: the can’t tells “nervous people”

The only thing we like better than a video is a LIVE one!!!!!

by Josh Madden

Here at NYLON HQ we love a good music video, and it's our opinion that the only thing better than a good video is a good live video! If you picked up the our latest issue, you may have read about our Brooklyn-based buddies The Can't Tells (page 100). With their debut full-length No Television due out October 22nd and a slew of CMJ shoes booked, the band is staying busy. The trio of indie-rock-pop-jangle-shredders have blessed us not only with a live video premiere but this is actually a studio performance of one of our favorite tracks, a gem, a rarity by the name of "Nervous People".

Singer Blake McKenzie told us, "Nervous People" was one of the first songs we wrote and performed as a band, and it has known several iterations over the past couple of years. It's one of the only 'early' songs we continue to play live to this day. Originally about 30bpm slower, it had a more precious, ernest quality which was fine but once we sped it up the performance started to really capture the frenetic nature of the anxiety that the song's characters are experiencing. Anyway, although this song isn't on our upcoming album No Televison, it definitely served as a pivotal moment in our writing process, spurring the creation of a string of songs that became this album. It showed us that by manipulating a song in the most simple or obvious manner you can stumble across the exact thing that make the song feel right."

All we know is, this jam is a toe-tapping, head-nodding fest and this live recording of it has us amped to see the fellas next week. Follow The Can't Tells on Twitter HERE, check out some tunes HERE then pre-order No Television HERE