premiere: the high learys “i’m a fool for you”

Bring vibes from the British Invasion….

by nylon

Formed in 2011 in the band’s hometown of Perth, Australia, The High Learys are bringing back a sound reminiscent of the pop-rock greats of the British invasion.more Releasing their debut LP last year titled Here Come The High Learys, the title couldn’t have been more spot on. Now, piggybacking off its success and continuing on with a full head of steam, the Aussie foursome is premiering a new single that puts a contemporary spin on psychedelic-rock vibes.Keeping with a feel that recalls 1960’s pop, “I’m A Fool For You” provides catchy vocals and equally captivating instrumentation highlighted by organ play and subtle guitar melodies. Listen to the track below, and keep up with The High Learys HERE.