Premiere: The Holidays “All Time High”

The very imaginary movie trailer music video for the very real awesome track…

by Josh Madden

From the very first seconds of The Holidays' video for their single "All Time High," I was in love. This is the first track off of their forthcoming album Real Feel and if the rest of the record is anything like this, they just might be my new favorite band. Everything about this song and aesthetic of the corresponding video is perfect. I don't know how this Australian trio isn't already on heavy rotation in my iTunes, but that's about to change big-time.

The video looks like its treatment was penned by Bret Easton Ellis himself, as it's laced with Less Than Zero and The Informers references. The only complaint I have is that there isn't enough--like, these dudes should just make a short film of this exact nature to accompany the new album! Honestly, everyone is trying to capture '80s and '90s vibes right now and while most people fail miserably, these guys killed it.

The Holidays will unleash Real Feel on the world soon and we have a feeling that the 30K plays "All Time High" has received on the band's Soundcloud HERE is a good indicator of what's in store. Follow the guys on Twitter HERE, check out their official website, and get Real Feel tour dates HERE.