premiere: the knocks

perk up your monday with their brand-new single!

by liza darwin

It might be Monday, but leave it to The Kooks to make the start of our week a little- no, a lot- more fun. It's been three years since their last LP Konk, but now the English quartet is back in action with a brand-new song.

"Junk of the Heart (Happy)" is the title track off their third studio album, out in September. But because we're impatient (seriously, who wants to wait?), we've got a sneak preview of the song right here.

With snappy melodies, singalong lyrics, and a shiny, polished finish, the upbeat single is the perfect lead-in to the Kooks' latest effort- which, according to the band, is "an album to play in the sun." And who's going to argue with that?!

Stream "Junk of the Heart (Happy)" below!

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