premiere: the new division (feat. starflyer 59) “honest”

Sometimes your hard drive gets destroyed and then you make the raddest record ever…

by Josh Madden

The first single off of The New Division's sophomore effort "Honest" the best start to a week I've had in a long time. This drum machine-driven tune has a Cure-meets-New Order feel...those guitars, man, so good!

This new record is a the culmination of two years of writing, recording, scrapping, re-writing, re-recording and ultimately keeping only the very best of the band's work. Actually, what really happened is: One year into production, John Kunkel's (writer/vocalist) hard drive was completely shredded and all of his backup files were error ridden-- he was back to square one. The good news is,--we think the 11 tracks that resulted from this journey are nothing short of incredible.

The album, entitled Together We Shine, is due out March 18th and features appearances by Dave Keuning (The Killers) on "Smile," Sarah (Keep Shelly in Athens) on "England," and Starflyer 59 on "Honest."

Check out "Honest" below and after listening to it a dozen times as we have, head over HERE and check out "Stockholm." I swear you're gonna love this band. You can find them on Twitter HERE and download more of their jams HERE. These dudes are so rad!