premiere: the pierces “believe me”

The pierces look and sound like angels…literally

by Josh Madden

The Pierces are chicks and this is NYLON Guys, we know, we know...but have you listened to them? For real, these sisters have been doing their thing for a minute and the truth is that even though we see them hanging around downtown from time to time, they will never not be total angelic babes with angel babe voices.

After making a ton of noise with their fourth album You and I in 2011, which featured radio hits such as "You’ll Be Mine," "Glorious" and "It Will Not Be Forgotten," Catherine and Allison Pierce entered the UK charts at number four then remained Top 20 for months. The band followed it up with extensive touring and feted appearances at a number of festivals.

After all that touring, there was a brief period where the sisters were living on opposite sides of the world: Allison shuttling between London and New York and Catherine leaving New York and settling in Los Angeles. After Allison moved to LA too, both entered a prolific creative phase that sowed the seeds for their new record.

The Pierces return with this rad new track and details of their forthcoming new album, Creation. "Believe In Me" is the latest track to be unveiled from Allison and Catherine Pierce’s, which is due out on Polydor on June 2nd. But if you can't wait til then, you can also hear it as the title track on their EP, out March 31. You can find the girls on Twitter HERE and check their Facebook HERE for tour date info.