We’re dubbing this new genre…”productive step”

by Josh Madden

Parisian producer duo VTCN RADIO sent over their debut jam this morning and well, I've gotta admit, it's a slow burner but a burner all the same. I hit play and started to write and then I just looped the track for a while because it's just a real solid backing track.

The current wave of chilled-out sexy electro continues to show up on the Internet, and it's now arriving from all corners of the globe. It's interesting to me because this laid back genre, which could once be written off as lounge tunes, is getting a whole new vibe from a new generation of young producers.

The VTCN RADIO dudes describe this debut track as "experimental electronic music inspired by the romantic music, CAN and Kubrick movies." While this track is comprised largely of analog synthesizers, recorded sounds, and drum machines I'm really looking forward to what these guys do with a vocalist...or maybe they'll make an album sans vocals. Whatever they do, I'm looking forward to hearing more because this is damn good writing music...maybe they should call it "productive step."