premiere: we cut corners “ykk”


by Josh Madden

When Andre 3000 rapped "YKK on yo' zipper, lick you like a lizard" on Outkast's 2001 ode to young ladies who drive us crazy in "So Fresh, So Clean," he drew attention to the three letters we often see but nobody really knows their meaning. It turns out that those three letters are actually the name of the company that makes all kinds of little parts used in assembling all of our clothes.

Today our Irish buddies We Cut Corners sent over "YKK" the first single from their sophomore album dropping early next year, and gave the famous three letters a whole new meaning. The raucous, upbeat, hi-hat driven track has us ready to pogo like it's the mid '90s at the Mean Fiddler. The duo, who released their debut Today I Realised I Could Go Home Backwards earlier this year and have been touring with bands like The Maccabees and Frightened Rabbit, have somehow found the time to record the follow up for release early next year. This lead single won't be available for purchase until late next month, but you can listen to it here on repeat like we have been doing all day. The fellas are due to play a handful of CMJ dates next week and they've also confirmed a date at The Workman's Club November 29th. Check out all of their jams on Soundcloud HERE, buy Today I Realised I Could Go Home Backwards HERE and follow the guys on Twitter HERE.