Watch The Video Of Prince Kicking Kim Kardashian Off Stage

When Prince Wants You To Dance, You Dance

by daniel barna

As the Prince tributes continue to pour in, most of which center on the sheer breadth of his talent and the way in which he changed the trajectory of music forever, it's worth acknowledging his lighter side, too. Prince was playful, a fact never more apparent than that time a reality star named Kim Kardashian joined him on stage at Madison Square Garden show.

The year was 2011, and Kim was in the heart of her Kris Humphries phase. Prince, a notorious ladies man, pulled Kim on stage and flirted with her in front of thousands of fans seething with jealousy. He tried to dance with her, but instead, Kim stood there virtually motionless. Like we said, this was the Kris Humphries era.  

Instead of humoring Kardashian, who was nowhere near as famous as she is today, but who was still a celebrity, Prince told her to "get off the stage." Ouch. At the time, Kim tweeted her excitement, writing "OMG Prince just pulled me up on stage!!! I’m shaking!!!!” followed by an explanation of what happened next. “I was so nervous, I froze when Prince touched me!” 

That last part we can maybe understand. If Prince touched us, we'd freeze too. Or melt. Or spontaneously combust. Fine Kim, you get a pass.

Watch video from that time Prince met Kim, below.