happy hunger games!

by liza darwin

Effie Trinket might not be the most likeable character in The Hunger Games, but this District 12 Tribute escort has some serious attitude- with an admirably eccentric style to match. Between her cotton candy hair, pale skin, and grownup prom dress wardrobe, the bubbly Capitol admin's closet is part Louis Vuitton SS12, part villainous paradise. So while our favorite THG character is still up for debate until the movie opens on Friday (Team Gale vs. Team Peeta?!), we've got to admit: Effie wins this round.

Manic Panic pink hair dye, about $17 on Amazon

Hair clip, about $4 at H&M

Nail polish in "Stairway to Heaven," 18 at Deborah Lippmann

Louis Vuitton SS12

Papershelf deer and butterfly eyelashes, $9 at Sephora.

Printed scarf, about $215 at Liberty of London

Mulberry dress, $775 at Net-a-Porter