10 musicians you need to hear right now

from the project aloft star finals.

by nylon

This year’s Project Aloft Star contest had over 300 amazing entries—it was so hard to choose our favorites, but we have narrowed it down to the top 10! Click through our gallery to meet each of the 10 finalists, take a listen to their entered tracks, and vote for who you believe should be the next Project Aloft Star winner! You can listen to the finalists and vote here: LiveAtAloftHotels.com.

Oh, and you can also see them live! Each of the finalists will also take the stage at select Aloft Hotels around the globe as part of Aloft’s 100 Days of Music festival. Be sure to check out the full schedule at LiveAtAloftHotels.com.

The Royal

The Royal is a five-piece rock band from Denver, Colorado, made up of front man Tyler Haden, percussionist Eric Marshall, guitarist Jack Schuler, bass guitarist Matt Clark, and Colby Rogers on piano and synth. Finding influence from dance-rock acts such as Queen, Prince, and The Smiths, The Royal has created a distinct piano-driven rock-n’-roll sound, with strong sweeping vocals. Take a listen to ‘Dark Magic’, and vote!

Tennis System

Originally formed in DC, noise rock/shoegaze trio, Tennis System – Matty Taylor, Zach Bilson, and Hector Gomez – have been known on the scene as a band that puts on fiery, loud live shows. Today, the band hails from Los Angeles, California, and has fans flocking to their noisy, dreamy pop sound (think Nirvanaesque). Listen to their track, ‘Such a Drag’, then vote!

Jackie Stabb

Columbus, Ohio native, Jackie Stabb, creates a dreamy, melodic sound, paired with delicate, and haunting vocals. Her emotive indie musical style is comparable to the likes of Lana Del Ray and Florence and the Machine, which produces songs that are honest , catchy, and perfect for rainy day playlists. Listen to ‘Little Voices’, and place your vote!


Mélange is an indie pop duo from Orlando, Florida, comprised of Chris Martignago and Jonathan Levy. Mélange’s songs are driven by a pop alt vibe, and combine catchy melodies with Martignago’s broad range of clean vocals to create a sound similar to those of Maroon 5 and Panic! At The Disco. Check out their tune, ‘Over It’, then go and vote!

Wildcat Apollo

Members Cat Tassini, Alex Margolin, and brothers Aaron and Taylor Eichenseer, make up the Austin, Texas-based psych pop band, Wildcat Apollo. The band’s unique sound is a mix of garage, psychedelic, pop and dance rock, and is sure to get listeners on their feet. Go ahead and grab your headphones, and take a listen to ‘Gotham’, then vote!

Glass Lux

Formed in 2010 in Chicago, Illinois, Glass Lux – vocalist Emily Morse with percussion and synth from Alfonso Mayen – are an electronica band focused on creating unique and energetic songs, guaranteed to make anyone who listens dance along. The duo adds a third member for live performances, ensuring a fun and lively atmosphere. Listen to the band’s dancey, ‘I’m a Machine’, then go vote!

The Lower 48

Ben, Sarah, and Nick are the forces behind Portland, Oregon, pop-rock trio, The Lower 48. Catchy and fun 1960’s-style pop rock n’ roll is what The Lower 48 does best, and once you listen, you’re hooked. Listen to their track, ‘Lion’s Den’, then go vote!

Luna Aura

From her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona, singer, songwriter, and producer, Luna Aura captivates audiences with her unique and refreshing sound – a blend of indie, electronica and hip hop. Aura has a knack for creating catchy music with profound lyrics, and by doing so, she hopes to inspire and empower people the world over. Check out ‘Radio’, and vote now!

Taylor & the Wild Now

Vocalist, guitarist, and banjo-player, Taylor Baker, backed by guitarist and trumpeter, Drew Walker, are the duo that form Taylor and the Wild Now – an Austin, Texas-based folk-soul band. Their sound ranges from swelling and upbeat, to soulful and acoustic, combined with the soft, country twang of a banjo. Take a listen to the Taylor & the Wild Now’s song, ‘Wanderlust’, and go and vote!

Carbon Tigers

Chris Wienke (vocals/keys/guitar), Nick Cudone (guitar, keys, vocals), Aaron Sweatt (bass/guitar/vocals), and Darien Williams (drums/vocals), make up Carbon Tigers – a four-piece indie rock back from the great city of Chicago, Illinois. Strong, impressive instrumentals, paired with Wienke’s stunning lyrics and vocals, allow Carbon Tigers to appeal to all listeners, making them a force to be reckoned with. Here is Carbon Tigers’ ‘Everybody Else’ – take a listen, and vote now!